The devotees visiting the temple are served with breakfast, lunch and dinner free of cost every day since the day of installation of Shri Veeranjaneya. However, people coming in groups from distant places are advised to inform offer the management in advance for facilitating prompt services. Devotees also can give donation in cash/kind for Annadaana.


Big halls and dormitories with common toilets and bathrooms are available free for the devotees. Separate accommodation is available for ladies only groups.
Furnished rooms are available on payment in the neighboring private lodge.

Facilities for conferences, conventions, Training Camps

The Kshethra has a big convention hall with a big stage for holding conferences, conventions and discourses. The halls are given free along with, sound system, chairs etc. to outside organizations for holding conventions or conferences of public interest subject to terms and conditions.

Help in marriages

Marriage is a very significant institution in propagation of human race ensuring the continuity of the human community. Kshethra helps the poor people of all communities in arranging marriages of their children, giving free space food and financial assistance.