Shri Maruthi Guruji the Dharmadhikari of Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki has ambitious future plans touching almost every aspect of human life and every section of the society.

1. Sanjeevini Vana

A herbal garden will be raised initially on 3 acre plot with the objective of saving and developing rare and endangered medicinal plants. The herbal garden will also develop Navagrahavana, Nakshathravana etc., according to textual prescription. The garden will also serve as a study and research centre for students of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha etc., and the garden will be extended as and when necessary.

2. Prajna

Realizing the importance of the knowledge of computer operation for everyone in the community in everyday life in the coming days, a central computer training centre will be started at Bangaramakki Besides running training programs in batches for those who can come here for residential courses, other computer training centers will be started in the villages for providing digital literacy programs at the doorsteps of the toiling masses living in interior villages at times convenient to them to suit their daily routine. This program has already started. Considering the magnitude of the work, the mission can be fulfilled only by generous donation of computers, furniture, space etc., in kind or cash by the philanthropic public.

3. Sukruthi -a library project

The Kshethra has already a collection of more than 3000 valuable books. It is proposed to construct a vast library block which can accommodate at least one lakh books on various subjects in different languages. Besides having books on philosophy and spiritual themes the Library will have books on Science, Technology and Social Science also. Keeping pace with the development in technology it is proposed to have a digital library section. The idea is to attract research scholars the students of modern education during vacation, when they can attend the spiritual programs of the Kshetra, while keeping their formal studies alive.

There will be a section for magazines and journals including research journals in various subjects.

4. Saaketha- a Museum

A Museum will be established in the campus of the Shri Veeranjaneya Temple for preserving exhibiting fossils, coins, currencies, stamps, cultural artifacts of different communities at different phases of history. The people who possess such valuable materials are welcome to donate them to the museum for their proper upkeep.

An archival section of the museum will house rare writings, documents and palm leaf and Bhojapathra writing.

5. Samruddhi -A holistic rural development project

Shri Veeranjaneya Samruddhi Rural Development Scheme (S.V.S.R.D.S) will launch the following programs.

  • Solar Power Projects.
  • Infrastructural Development Projects.
  • Agricultural Development Projects.
  • Water Resource Development Projects.
  • Sanitation Projects in rural Area.
  • Providing shelter to the needy.
  • Entrepreneurship and Skill development.
  • To encourage and assist the rural poor to get minimum education.
  • To empower rural women initiating various kinds of socio cultural activities, micro entrepreneurship development programs and home industries.

AYUSH Hospital

A fully equipped AYUSH hospital with Ayurveda ,Unani Siddha , Homeopathy , Yoga & Naturopathy offering will be established soon . The State of the art hospital will be constructed according to the specifications prescribed by Ayush department Govt of India to meet the needs of a fullfledged residential ‘AYUSH UNIVERSITY’ in Future.

Parivardhini – A University for specially abled person

A university for the specially abled person, a long standing dream of Guruji,is in the offing. A sixty acre plot at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Kshethra is reserved for the establishment of a specialized university for giving rehabilitative education in ten different skills to the specially abled persons. In this mega project, nine different categories of disabilities as recognized universally, along with the orphanage will be included with the aim of imparting world class rehabilitation services. This will be achieved with the four objectives namely, manpower generation, research, clinical services and public education in the area of differentially abled. This is a comprehensive approach in which all the categories of individuals with disabilities receiving rehabilitative services under one roof. This will be a first of its own kind in the world.The work for construction of a building for housing the introductory courses is already begun on a four acre plot at Allanki near the Kshethra.

Krishi Samskruthi Samrakshan Evam Samvardhan Yojana

The Human Civilisation and Culture has its beginning with the Culture of Farming and Agriculture. Sustainability of Agriculture is being threatened by the mad food security and the survival of the human race on the face of the Earth.

Initially a Krishi Samskruthi Samrakshan Evam Samvardhan Kendra will be started near the Kshethra, where people who are interested to involve themselves in farming with the spirit of Spiritual Saadhana, with a motive of producing food for the human race, without the fear of socio economic insecurity of the family can come, stay and undertake farming of food crops for the self and the people. The lands will be held or owned by a public trust and the farmer will use the land allotted to him as far as he or she will continue to cultivate the land. When one person gives up farming the land will be alloted to others for cultivation.

The people who cannot manage cultivation of their lands can either donate the land to the trust or lease out the land to the Trust for a specific period. Landless persons and families including landless farm labourers at any stage of life interested in self cultivation can get the benefit of this opportunity. The Kendra will encourage and guide the opening and managing such forms throughout the country and the world.

Kalaa Dhaama

Kalaa Dhaama will be a village where the artist can live, with spouse in furnished but simple colleges devoting their Life to the cause of the art, without worrying for the maintenance of the family, or health care services even in old age. Here young artist can learn art from the veterans following Guru Shishya Parampara.


A Thapovana will be developed on the Banks of the holy river Sharavathi for those who want to contemplate in silent screne environment being free from dim and bustle of the either and the woes and worries of everyday life.