Shree Maruthi Guruji travels widely in the country holding Sathsanga and initiating people individually with the deeksha of sacred Ramaatharaka manthra “Shree Raama, Jaya Raama, Jaya Jaya Raama”. The person initiated to write the manthra on notebooks besides “Japa”.

Spiritual discourses by saints and scholars

More than forty saints /scholars including H.H.Shri Vishweshwar Theertha Swamiji of Pejavarmath, Shree Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living and Bannanje Govindacharya – to mention few, have delivered spiritual discourses from the dais at the Kshethra during the last 10 years.

Shri Veeranjaneya Savari

Originally Shri Veeranjaneya Savari was started to fulfil the wishes of devotees for worshipping Lord Shri Veeranjaneya of Bangaramakki at their own homes. Responding to the request of devotees           Shri Maruthi Guruji personally carried the Uthsava Moorthi of Lord Shri Veeranjaneya to their houses. As the number of devotees requesting for Savari to come to their houses has crossed the critical limit that it will not be possible to fulfil the wishes of all devotees, now the Uthsava Moorthi taken to a village and kept in a convenient public place like Temple so that all the devotees living around the place come there and worship the Shri Veeranjaneya of Bangaramakki. Many people who cannot afford to travel to Bangaramakki due to financial or other constraints can render various kinds of worship services to     Shri Veeranjaneya near their homes and also can get the blessings of Shri Maruthi Guruji.

Temple Renovations

The dilapidated or destroyed temples are rebuilt according to Aagamashathra specially at places inhabited by the socio economically disadvantaged people.

(i) The Renovation of an 800 years old Mahavishnu temple at Hadgeri, Honnavar Taluk which was almost abandoned and lying dilapidated for many years is in progress. Besides the main deity Mahavishnu the complex includes the shrines of Ishwara, Gowri , Ganapathi and Subrahmanya . A shrine of Veerabhadra will be included soon to complete the Shiva Panchaayathana. The estimated cost is about one crore rupees. An amount of Rupees sixty Lakh is already spent on the project.

(ii) Shree Mahavishnu temple at Begodi Honnavar taluk (u.k), also with a known history of seven to eight hundred years is already taken under the Shri Veeranjaneya Religious & Charitable Trust(R.) in 2012. A priest from Bangaramakki is deputed to perform Pooja there every day. Renovation plan is ready and the work may start anytime.

(iii) Shri Veeranjaneya Temple at Magod ,was also in a completely destroyed condition when our Trust took it over. Only an altar known as Hanumanthanakatte was there for remind the existence of a Temple there in the distant past. The Trust has already taken up the responsibility of an entirely new construction there.

Management of Temples

Kshethra comes to the help of the people who cannot manage the temple by taking over the management and maintenance of the temple and regular temple activities.
The management of the age old Shri Dattamandira of Honnavar, has been taken over by the Trust .

Works in progress or to be taken up soon


A Mahaadvaara the main entrance gate, will be built at a cost of Rs.85 lakhs. Generous donation are solicited. The donors will be duly honored by displaying their names in conspicuous place.


A Monolithic Dhawajasthambha of fifty two feet height will be created in front of the temple. A3’X3’X5’ feet stone is already in the campus. Delicate artistic carving in accordance with the scriptural prescription by renounced sculptors will begin soon.

Future Project

Construction of new temples

New temples will be constructed at places where there is a need specially in the remote areas where marginalized communities & Tribals live in isolation .