The Educational activities of the Kshethra have managed dimensions.

1) Samskrutha and Veda Shikshana through Shree Ganesha Saveda Sanskritha
Besides free education, accommodation, dress and food, special scholarships are given to students at the rate of Rs 1000 per month for 10 years to those who are committed to study the full course of Veda for 10 years.

2) Modern Education
Affordable quality education from class I to X is made available in two C.B.S.E. affiliated school i.e. Shri Maruthi Residential School ,Bangaramakki ,Uttar Kannada and Vidya Bharati Shri Guruji International Residential School, Hosanagara, Shivamogga District.

3) Scholarships
Scholarships are given to the economically weak students to finance their studies from class one to    Ph.d level.

4) Assistance to Schools
Schools are given assistance in cash or kind or both to schools/colleges.

5) Art & Music Education

Yakshaagana Vihaara has trained more than eighty artists in singing, Maddale, Chande, Nruthya.

Free music teaching
Sangeetha Ganga Hindustani Classical Musical School Honnavar. Free teaching of music is offered to the interested persons. More than two hundred students have already passed out with certificates. Forty students are studying at present.

6) Personality Development Education
Personality Development Education is given mainly by organizing short term (1 to 7 days) training camps in Legal Awareness, Samskrutha and English Speaking Course etc.