Theertha Snaana

The water used for Abhisheka, i.e ritual ablution of the deity is believed to be beneficial both spiritually and physically. Drenching in this holy water is known as Theertha Snaana. One can see the devotees queing for Theertha Snaana as early as 4 AM in the morning and 6 PM in the evening during the shivering cold of the winter, below the outlet pipes through which the Abhisheka water flows out.


Darshanaa A unique feature of the Kshethra is the 400 years old tradition of ‘Darshanaa’ during which the presiding deity of the temple, Anjaneya is believed to listen to the woes and submissions of the devotees and speak to them through the mouth of the hereditarily ordained priest. At present, Shri Maruthi Guruji, the Dharmadhikari or the high priest of the temple, ordained by his father Vedamoorthi Brahmashree Shri Ganesh Bhat is continuing the tradition of Darshanaa i.e. the spiritual counseling, for the devotees seeking solution for their problems of varying nature like crises in spiritual pursuits, domestic and family conflicts, physical, physiological and psychological ailments, education, career prospects, business etc. The message carried by the words of mouth of the beneficiaries of ‘Darshanaa’ has reached far and wide, even beyond the borders of the country that the number of persons seeking “Darshanaa” is always on rise. ’Darshanaa’ takes place between 7am to 12pm, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only, excluding Ekadashi, Poornima and Amavasya falling on these days.

Manohara Prasada

Manohara means one which attracts our sense, soul and gives joyfulness. It could be anything in this blissful world or it could be related to delicious food item liked by god or human beings.
Its our traditional practice that we follow and prepare Manohara prasada using Kadale hittu, Bili Ellu and Jaggery to offer god and later distribute it as Shri Veeranjaneya Devara prasada in Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki. Manohara Prasada will bring joy and peacefulness to one and all with the grace of Shri Veeranjaneya Devaru of Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki

People can avail the prasadam at counters in Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki at all time.