Samskruthi Kumbha Malenada Uthsava 2017

Event details

  • Wednesday | April 5, 2017 to Tuesday | April 11, 2017
  • 1:30 pm
  • Sri Veeranjaneya Temple, Bangarmakki, Talook Honnavar, Gersoppa, Karnataka 581384
  • 08387268333
  • 100000Attendees
  • 200Staff members

The scope of Malenada Uthsava is enlarged and it will now be organised as Samskruthi Kumbha from 2017. ‘Samskruthi Kumbha’, the Malenada Uthsava 2017, will be a world cultural meet or global festival of culture. It will be a holistic festival of the pluralistic culture of the human race of the world during which the people of diverse ethnic groups and communities hailing from the different regions of the country and the world will zero in at Bangaramakki on the banks of Holy Sharavathi for the cultural extravaganza to be held from Shri Rama Navami on 05 April 2017 to Hanuman Jayanthi on 11 April 2017 besides the cultural troupes of various ethnic groups from the length and breadth of the country. The people hailing from different countries and cultural zones of the world will also be invited to come here with their cultural troupes as the Cultural Ambassadors of their people to represent their culture in the “Samskruthi Kumbha” the cultural history of India and the world promoting the spirit of Universal Fellowship born out of the philosophical vision.

Vishwamaanavathaa i.e. the organic unity of humanity operating on the  principles of equality and fraternity among all individuals, races, communities and nationalities of the world as propounded by the saints and sages in the  ancient scriptures of the country and the world and advocated by the great Kannada poets like Pampa and Kuvempu, by living together and understanding the way of life and culture of one another through sharing the cultural experiences by live performances and exhibitions.

Samskruthi Kumbha will project the all inclusive Vishwamaanavathaa Samskruti through the following types of activities:
Sharavathi Kumbha: History is being created & a tradition that will continue
forever in the future is being generated at Shri Veeranjaneya Kshethra
Bangaramakki , Gerasoppa by organizing Sharavathi Kumbha during Chaitra
Shuddha Dashami, Ekadashi & Dawadashi[ Ramanavami to Hanuma Jayanthi] in Durmukha Samvatsara
Sangeetha, Nruthya, Naataka, Kalaa, Pratibhaa Pradarshana :(Music, Drama,
Dance,Magic, etc..).
Sammelana/Adhiveshana: (Conferences and Conventions).
Koushalya/Vasthu Pradarshana:(Thematic Exhibitions of skills and artifacts)
Kraya Vikraya : (Sales).
Sevaa Saadhanaa: (Voluntary Service) .
Sanmaana, Puraskaara: (Felicitations and awards).
Samskruthi Kumbha will be a regular annual festival in future. Scouts and Guides etc.

With the Samskruthi Kumbha in the offing under Shri Maruthi Guruji Leadership, Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki is poised to become a centre of inspiration for the whole world. 

A standing invitation
The trustees and the Karyakarthas are happy to extend cordial invitation to all to come to the feet of Shri Veeranjaneya of Bangaramakki and give them an opportunity for serving them.